Today LightSport Man takes Steve Fulmer for his first LSA Discovery flight in a light sport aircraft (LSA).  Steve Fulmer is working on his PPL but never been in a LSA and he always wanted to try to fly in a small plane.

So today we toke off from Scottsdale Airport (KSDL) and heading over to Goodyear Airport (KGYR) then we headed back home to Scottsdale Airport (KSDL).

Screen Shot 2016-07-21 at 9.19.32 AM

The flight was in a 2 seat airplane.  The purpose of the flight is to give a taste of Light Sport Aviation.  LightSport Man flights are NOT a training flight, scenic tour or a transport flight.

** LightSport Man does not accept payment of any kind including tips… This is 100% FREE **

#aviation #lightsportman #pilot #soontobecfis #lightsport #lsa

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