Lightsport Man Mission is working….

My mission is to get as many future pilots into light sport as I can, and show how one man with a stuttering disorder has overcome it and is now a pilot.

I got to give two friends an once in a lifetime experience flying in a Light Sport Aircraft today…

Screen Shot 2016-08-05 at 8.48.29 AM

#aviation #lightsportman #pilot #soontobecfis #lightsport #lsa

One thought on “Lightsport Man Mission is working….

  1. We truly feel so honored and blessed to have experienced this once in a lifetime adventure! John, you are so knowledgeable and comforting, especially with my son! You give off a really great vibe! You are a great person and a great pilot! I truly enjoyed watching my son and dad experience such joy this morning! Thank you so much! Thanks to you, my dad wants to get his pilot license! Now, that’s exciting!!! We can’t wait until you can start teaching future pilots! This it’s so exciting!

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