LightSport Man Commercial sUAS Remote Pilot Sample Real Estate Listing

LightSport Man Commercial sUAS Remote Pilot Sample Real Estate Listing

This video is a quick sample of what LightSport Man Commercial sUAS Remote Pilot can do for your real estate listing.. This is a OUTSIDE ONLY video but we can take the flying inside and really showoff any location that you need us to do

Do you need a Commercial sUAS Remote Pilot, UAV or Drone Operator?

As you can see we cover a lot of commercial sUAS Remote Pilot services and we would love to help you.  Below is a list of some of the services we cover..  If you don’t see it below please contact us.


Pilot Training
Search and Rescue
Wildlife Risk Mitigation
Photography and Videography

News Reporting
Tourism Marketing
Sports Events
Event Coverage
Private/Family Event Photography
Real Estate and Construction

Marketing Media
Property Photos and Video
Land Development
Project Management
Rooftop Maintenance

Asset Monitoring
Measurement and Lidar
Digital Modeling
Elevation Mapping
Site Planning

Law Enforcement
Grow-op Detection
Infrastructure Inspection
Asset Management
Aerial Surveys

Forestry Inspection
Natural Resources
Land Cover
Aerial Inspection

Rooftop Inspections
Maintenance Survey
Bridge Inspection
Powerline Patrol
Pipeline Patrol
Tower Construction

Crop Management
Vegetation Inspection
Drought Monitoring
Pest Control Monitoring
Plant Examination
Disaster Relief

Natural Disaster Assistance
Damage Assessment
Flood Assessment
Search and Rescue (SAR)
Oil Spill Monitoring
Sinkhole Inspection

Above is only some of the services!!


For More Information Please Email


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