Everyone knows Batman, Superman, and Spider-Man but do you know who LightSport Man is?

LightSport Man is me, a pilot named Johnathan Mark Smith from Brooklyn, New York, who is currently living in Surprise, Arizona. Ever since I was a little boy I loved flying and aviation but then, in 2016, found a love of light-sport aircraft (LSA) at a late age. But there is a lot more to this story.

I was born with a very bad stuttering disorder and was told as a kid that I would be working on cars or packing bags at the local supermarket, if I was lucky, due to my disorder. Everyone in the school system had the same story: I was not going to become anything due to this stuttering disorder.

Back in about 2010 I started to looking into becoming a pilot. I always loved flying but was informed by a CFI that due to my stuttering disorder I would never pass the medical exam, so I quit thinking about becoming a pilot.

In December 2015 my girlfriend, Regan Goldring, and I went to Las Vegas for a weekend trip and had a helicopter tour. Regan turned to me and said she had “a great time and loved flying” and that was it! Hearing this from her made me think I needed to be a pilot. Within a number of hours, I contacted several flight schools in Arizona and found out about the sport pilot certificate, which meant I would not have to take a medical exam to become a pilot. Once again, though, I was informed that with the stuttering disorder I may not pass the checkride, but within a few weeks I passed the checkride and am now a sport pilot.

After looking back at everything, I said to myself “I am not stopping now: I am going to be a light-sport CFI” and now I’m well on the way. But there’s one more thing: I’m so happy to have found out about LSA that I want to share my love of it with others. I started LightSport Man to document my path to becoming a light-sport CFI and also to open the world of LSA to others that would never have found out about it.

My mission is to get as many future pilots into light sport as I can, and show how one man with a stuttering disorder has overcome it and is now a pilot.


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