LightSport Man Client Testimonies

Below is what some of the clients are saying about LightSport Man…

Steven F.“John’s flying experience, dedication and education was priceless when I needed help on my FAA Written Exam. His training was top-notch and I would recommend him to anyone wanting to fly or in need of a Ground Instructor.”


Bobby S. – “Hi, Johnathan, Today was my first “ground” lesson with you. I thought this was going to be hard to understand or even worst too much confusion. But I was mistaken, not only did you make it simple to understand and follow, but your teaching methods were able to put me at ease and your words into a vivid imagination for me to comprehend.
I would recommend to all those that would like to learn to fly LSA (Light Sport Aircraft) or better known as “sport” flying, to take a Ground Course with Johnathan.  Just like driving, one has to know all of the markings (signs) of the road, one needs to learn FIRST the markings (signs) of the skies. It makes flying easier.
Ground school will give you a better confidence to master the skies and be a safe pilot.  I like to thank you, Johnathan, for being a great Gound Instructor!
Your student pilot”


Juan G. – “Flying with John was an amazing experience, not only is he professional but he has such a passion for this activity that it is contagious!! I Highly recommend him!!”


Stacia H.“Johnathan, otherwise known as Light Sport Man, is an extremely compassionate guy who truly cares for his students education. Johnathan is very detail-oriented and isn’t in a hurry to get up in the air, but instead ensures that safety is instilled as the #1 factor in all flying. Johnathan is great with kids, also. He takes the time to explain things on a level that kids understand. Johnathan is also humorous so that he makes you laugh. He makes anyone feel at ease when in his presence. You are guaranteed to leave with a smile and feeling confident in all that Johnathan has taught you. He is a blessing, truly!”


Rod H. – “I met Johnathan in early July 2015 and I could not be happier.  I have always wanted to learn to fly.  Learning all the ground school to the ‘fun” flights.  Johnathan is a very good teacher and I’m looking forward to ‘earning’ my license to fly with him”


Eddie W.“Johnathan Smith is Great, he is friendly, and supportive during the instruction”


Billy T.
 – “Learning to fly is not something easy to do, but Johnathan Smith made it easy to understand and also fun”



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