LightSport Man gives Free Young Eagle Flights

Free Young Eagle Flights


LightSport Man just started a Young Flight program. If you are a parent or teacher and know of a young child that is into aviation, then this is the right program for them and YES, its FREE..

LightSport man will take them up in the air in a Light Sport Aircraft for FREE (with parents permission) in a 2 seat Light Sport airplane.

Check out the qualifications listed below and if you pass, then please email with a little about yourself and what are you hoping to gain from this experience.

You have never taken a discovery flight.
You are not a pilot or student pilot.
You are physically/medically capable to fly.

* The flight is in a 2 seat  LSA (Light Sport Aircraft).
* The purpose of the flight is to give a taste of Light Sport Aviation.
* LightSport Man flights are NOT a training flight, scenic tour or a transport flight.
* LightSport Man does not accept payment of any kind including tips… This is 100% FREE.


For More Information Please Email


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